Addiction is an alarming and growing problem in Montreal’s Jewish community. Many who are affected do not know where to turn.

FIX is our response. The brainchild of a group of young adults, with the support and guidance of Federation CJA and CSUQ, FIX aims to raise awareness in the community and to help those in need.

FIX is aimed at young people in the Jewish community dealing with a spectrum of challenges and issues such as addiction, violence, mental illness, isolation  and homelessness.  Professional staff are reaching out to these individuals to offer support, advocacy, access to other services to address the specific needs of the client – and their family – with a tailor made plan.  

YAD’s role in FIX is divided into three major components: fundraising, awareness, and strengthening Jewish identity.

If you are a young person dealing with addiction, violence, mental illness or isolation or if you are a family member or friend struggling to find a way to help a young person in difficulty, contact FIX today. 514.343.3525 or

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Real Life Stories

Meet Michael
I’m 21 years old. My parents divorced and I dropped out of school when I was 15. My first experience with  marijuana was great. It was like all my troubles disappeared. I began smoking regularly. By 17, my dad kicked me out and I was living on the streets. I was doing coke and dealing to fund my habit. One day, I overdosed in a toilet at the mall. I was lucky they found me when they did, or else I’d be dead. Ometz was called before I was released from the hospital. But, I wasn’t listening to anyone and went back on the streets. Now, I’m trying to get my life together and I’m talking to a worker at Ometz. It really helps.

Meet Myriam
I’m 22. My family is well off and caring. I was going to a good Jewish high school. I started hanging out with a group of kids that offered me drugs. I thought I’d try them out. I got hooked. When my family found out, they refused to have anything to do with me. My addiction grew and I began prostituting myself to make enough money to fund my habit. At 19, I got pregnant from one of my johns. Ometz was called and helped my parents adopt my baby. When I got out of the hospital, Ometz got me the help that I needed to sober up. I’ve been clean now 14 months, I’m working to get my life and baby back.

Did you know?

  • The occurrence of addiction in North American Jews is statistically identical to that of any other cultural, religious, or ethnic group.*
  • On average, an addict affects 15 people in his or her immediate circle.*
  • While 5% of 12 year olds report a high frequency of alcohol consumption, this figure jumps to 36% for 17 year olds.**
  • Over 41% of high school students say they use drugs at least once a week.**
  • 39% of these same 12 year olds had gambled in the last 12 months. That number doubles by the age of 17.***
  • 70% of girls and 30% of boys with addiction have been sexually harassed.****

*JACS New York
**Alcohol and Drugs: Quebec 2002
***Gambling: Que
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